to run.

so my mind is racing

racing racing racing

i went for a walk/run today. i walked down the train tracks behind my house to clear my mind...which didn't work, i just had more time to think and therefore thought more thoughts.

i got to a point and realized...it's time to turn around. and then i started running.

i don't know why i was running. i just was. and i didn't want to stop. i was in flip flops, running down train tracks, couldn't stop, couldn't let my legs stop moving. i hopped from wooden plank to wooden plan, hoping not to cut myself on the shattered glass spilled everywhere. my shoes would get caught and i would almost fall, but i kept going and going and going until i finally saw my roof and realized...it's time to stop.

so i walked inside, got some water, and went on with my life.

it's insane what's on my mind lately. how much, how little, why, who, when, everything everything everything nothing.

my mind is racing

racing racing racing

a mile a minute.